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Another brick in the wall

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As part of the 150th anniversary celebration of the London Underground the Lego company has recreated five Tube Maps made entirely out of lego-bricks.

The maps will be on display throughout the summer. The maps have been created by Duncan Titmarsh, Britain’s only certified Lego professional – one of only 13 in the world. Each map took four days to build and has 1,000 bricks. The maps will be displayed as follows:

• South Kensington – 1927 map

• Piccadilly Circus – 1933 map, (Harry Beck’s original map)

• Green Park – 1968 map

• Stratford – 2013 map

• King’s Cross St. Pancras – 2020 map including Cross- rail, the proposed Croxley Rail Link, and the proposed Northern Line Extension.

Says Mike Ashworth, Design and Heritage Manager at London Underground, ‘The 2020 map at King’s Cross St. Pancras shows the new stations and rail links we want to deliver – we hope this fun LEGO map will inspire the young engineers of the future to help deliver our vision.’


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