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London Bridge attack hero set to return to work

A British Transport Police (BTP) officer who tackled armed terrorists during the London Bridge attack has spoken of his ongoing rehabilitation a year on.

On June 3, 2017, three terrorists drove into pedestrians and then stabbed people in the London Bridge and Borough Market area, killing eight and injuring 48 others.

PC Wayne Marques was stabbed repeatedly and left with major knife wounds after confronting the trio armed with only a baton.

The story of Wayne’s extraordinary bravery in the face of grave danger stole the headlines and saw Wayne receive overwhelming messages of support from the public.

Marking the first anniversary of the tragedy, BTP has released an interview with the officer, in which he talks about his recovery.

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“I’m just trying to get as much of me back as possible,” said Wayne, who is currently undergoing a run walk programme. “I’ve still got far to go but I’m on my way.”

Wayne is planning to return to work in July but admitted that he tries not to plan too far ahead as he suffers setbacks – such as from the cold weather experienced earlier this year and days when he wakes up in so much pain that he is unable to train.

Putting the physical recovery to one side, Wayne said it is a “completely different ball game” trying to convince his “ma and pops and partner” that it is the right thing to return to work.

But the touching letters and words from the public have helped. Wayne added: “The public, they’ve been inspiring.

“I can only say thank you very much. It was both needed and appreciated.”

On June 3, a minute’s silence was held across the country in memory of those lost and harmed in the London Bridge terrorist attack.

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