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Cosalt provides comfort and protection for rail workers

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For more than 20 years Cosalt has been designing, manufacturing and supplying safety clothing to the UK rail industry.

Today, over 30,000 rail personnel wear Cosalt personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear to keep them safe, dry, warm and comfortable at work.

The company’s client list reads like a who’s who of the rail infrastructure business and includes Network Rail, Babcock Rail and Bombardier.

Cosalt has a knack of maintaining long-term relationships with key customers to the benefit of both parties.

Underpinning Cosalt’s success and longevity is the company’s focus on producing garments that are not only fit for purpose but also surpass legislative requirements without compromising on wearer comfort and fit.

Cosalt’s strengths run deeper than their ability to design and develop market-leading products. The company’s managed service option is a turnkey solution that takes safety to a new level.

Cosalt will take on the responsibility for laundering and maintaining the garments and making sure they comply with health and safety standards.

They will maintain the exacting quality control and product management procedures that allow every garment to be tracked and traced and finally decommissioned.

As part of this managed service offering, Cosalt has spent in excess of £800,000 on IT since 2008 to create an advanced paperless system that can integrate seamlessly with a customer’s own enterprise, resource and planning systems.

This provides access to real time information on procurement requests, orders placed, ongoing support issues, invoices, payments and key performance indicator reports.

Customers are able to take decisions based on clear, concise up-to-date information.

The system is helping to improve safety, increase efficiency and drive down overhead costs.

Every item that leaves Cosalt’s production line is given a unique barcode, and from there it is tracked for the rest of its life.

Cosalt can see which garments are allocated to which individuals, how many times these products have been laundered and how many times they have been replaced or repaired.


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