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Rail staff in Russia to celebrate Railway Workers Day

This August railway staff in Russia will be celebrating Railway Workers Day on 7th August.

Railway Workers Day is Russia’s oldest professional holiday. It was established in 1896.

Originally it was marked on 25 June, the birthday of Emperor Nicholas I who pioneered the building of Russia’s continent-wide railway network.

However in 1917 after the revolution the holiday with its royal connotations was dropped, despite communist boss, Vladimir Lenin, having arrived safely by train from Switzerland.

The holiday was revived in 1936 in a recognition of the tremendous effort made by railway workers to help Russia industrialise.

The year before, the rail industry had exceeded all targets set for it in the national transport plan.

At the end of July, the managers and best workers gathered in Moscow, and 56 of them received state awards.

At that time, railway officials submitted a request to the government for the sector’s success to be celebrated every year.

Initially, Railway Workers Day was fixed on 30th July.

Later, it was held on the nearest weekend day. However, this year rail staff on Russian Railways will mark Railway Workers’ Day on 7th August. A special celebration will be held in Novosibirsk.


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