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London Underground backs RailStaff Awards

London Underground joins Network Rail this year as overall sponsor of the RailStaff Awards 2011.

London’s Underground is one of the busiest urban rail networks in the world.

The Tube carries more than one billion passengers a year, as many as the entire National Rail network.

With around three and a half million journeys made each day, on 11 lines serving 270 stations, London Underground is now running more services than ever before on the 148-year-old network.

Tom O’Connor, Managing Director of the Rail Media Group said:

“We extend a warm welcome to London Underground. Staff on the Underground – and throughout TfL – are well represented at the RailStaff Awards.

“Their professionalism and courage provide our newspaper, RailStaff, with a steady stream of good news stories.

“The Tube has a major role to play in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and we look forward to encouraging and supporting all staff.”

London Underground aims to combine a reliable train service with the highest standards of customer care.

At the same time, its ageing infrastructure is being renewed and replaced.

To overcome the legacy of under-investment, London Underground has embarked on a massive upgrade programme which will deliver extra capacity and keep pace with rising demand.

The level of renewal and refurbishment work is on a scale unseen for more than 60 years.

Rail staff on London Underground therefore face a unique challenge as they seek to deliver the service safely and reliably whilst the biggest rebuilding programme the Underground has ever seen continues day and night.



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