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Acts of Kindness on the Underground

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As part of the Art on the Underground project TfL is running an exhibition of stories which tell of the innumerable acts of kindness that play out on the London Underground.

Passengers and staff are invited to send stories in. These will be written up and displayed on the Central Line. Artist Michael Landy will be doing the poster art work. Stories will be put up at stations and on the actual trains themselves.

Landy is interested in small, fleeting exchanges of kindness as much as heroic acts.

“Sometimes we tend to assume that you have to be superhuman to be kind, rather than just an ordinary person,” says Michael.

Says Tamsin Dillon, Head of Art on the Underground;

“I’m sure Michael Landy’s Acts of Kindness will provoke a range of very interesting responses and I’m looking forward to seeing new stories of kindness appearing on the Central line.

“This project is Michael’s response to our invitation to make a new artwork for the Underground and his intelligent approach has led to a project with exciting potential in this challenging context.”

The first Central line stations to receive the Acts of Kindness stories include Holland Park, Holborn and Liverpool Street.



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