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Rail staff warn London Underground passengers after man is decapitated

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Police and railway staff on the London Underground have warned passengers against walking from one carriage to another through the internal doors at the ends of carriages.

A man was recently decapitated when he fell on the tracks from where he was standing between the cars.

The man was reportedly trying to smoke a cigarette.

BTP has pointed out that Railway Byelaw 10, part 3, states, ‘No person shall open a train door, or enter or leave any train, while it is in motion or between stations.’

A Tube worker who was on the train said, “A passenger was smoking between the carriages. He slipped and fell on to the tracks while the train was moving at 50mph.

“He was decapitated. This shows just how dangerous messing around between the carriages is. If this guy had waited ten minutes he’d still have been with us now.”

The incident happened on the Metropolitan Line in the early hours of a Saturday morning.

The man fell and became trapped under the train which was travelling at 50 mph. His head was then severed.


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