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Quattro: Leading the way in operator comfort

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Following the introduction of the new Rail Industry Standard for Engineering Acceptance of On-Track Plant and Associated Equipment (RIS-1530-PLT issue 3), the Quattro Group has taken the opportunity to embark on a substantial enhancement project concerning a number of its large fleet of RRV machines.

Working from the mandatory guidelines set out by the RIS-1530- PLT document, the works, which are being carried out throughout 2011 by King Trailers will see the refurbishment of over 40 core machines.

Works include major refurbishments such as the expansion of lifting capability, the fitting of a new breaking system for towed trailers and the addition of trailer man riding capability. However, it is not just the machines’ capabilities that are being enhanced during this time.

It is imperative to the Quattro Group that not only do their customers notice the difference, but also that the operators who will be using the machines benefit from the changes.

With this in mind, the upgraded machines are all being fitted with cutting-edge technology designed to ensure that both vehicle performance and operator ease of use are maximised.

The technology in question is a compliant GKD rated capacity indicator (RCI), which provides users with a new approach to the monitoring of road rail vehicle stability. The new system is not only highly technical, but very user-friendly and designed with the operator in mind.

The RCI system is touch screen, which allows the system to be user friendly without the need for long training sessions or manuals.

The operator needs to be able to input data with ease and also react quickly to any instruction the system is requesting whilst also maintaining machine efficiency. With this in mind, clear graphics and icons are used throughout, detailing warnings and representing commands, ensuring that every request is simple to understand.

As well as ease-of-use, the new technology helps ensure that health and safety is not compromised.

Working in dark conditions it is imperative that the screen is clearly visible to help avoid eye strain, and the large LCD touch screen is displayed in colour and is back-lit, offering crystal-clear viewing whatever time of the day or night.

Graphic indications of in-gauge allows operators to travel in confidence, whilst the ‘Virtual Wall’ application makes working in a confined space much less of a concern. An audible warning alert offers a further safety precaution, helping to minimise avoidable accidents.

Mr John Murphy, Managing Director at the Quattro Group said, ‘Not only did we want to improve the capabilities of our key RRV fleet, but also the experience for our staff. After all, without a happy operator, a perfectly modified new machine is no use to anyone!’


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