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Harry Potter may have travelled on the Hogwarts Express but star, Daniel Radcliffe says he can no longer use the London Underground.

Daniel admires the system but goes in fear of being mobbed by fans.

‘I don’t take the Tube, because it can go a bit nuts, and if it goes nuts in a small space that can be a bit weird – so I don’t know how to use an Oyster card.

‘In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix there’s a shot of me and Mark Williams going through the gates at a Tube station and I try to put my Oyster card through the machine like it’s a ticket, rather than swiping it,’ says Daniel.

The scene was left in the film as it typifies the hero’s character.

Movie people and fans gathered for the première of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, the final Potter movie, in August.


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