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Top cop awarded QPM

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British Transport Police Federation Chairman, Inspector Alex Robertson, has been awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in the New Year’s Honours List.

Alex Robertson, from Glasgow, joined BTP in 1978 and became Chairman of the BTP Federation in 1999. Alex has had a distinguished 33-year police career.

He was Scottish Area Secretary within the BTPF and then Assistant General Secretary in 1995, and has been an expert voice on transport policing issues, from the day-to-day realities of crime and disorder to the long term terrorist threats to the rail network.

Alex has also taken an active part in EuroCop, the European Confederation of Police, which deals with issues such as cross-border cooperation, as well as the Police Dependants’ Trust and the National Police Memorial Day.

He holds the Police Good Conduct and Long Service Medal, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and, for his Army service in Northern Ireland, the General Service Medal.

Says Inspector Robertson, ‘I am absolutely delighted and thrilled, as are my family. It is a really humbling experience.’


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