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Railway Children MAD Appeal

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There’s still time to join the Railway Children’s Make a Difference day.

‘We’re currently signing up as many people as possible to ensure our forthcoming Make a Difference (MAD) Day is a runaway success. We provide the online fundraising packs and materials, and you do something a bit bonkers to raise some much needed cash for Railway Children,’ says Katie Mason, events organiser at the Railway Children.

MAD days can be held on 9 March 2012, which is when MAD Day takes place this year, or participators can choose a day that works better for them. All fundraising activities will help ‘Make A Difference’ to the lives of street children in the UK, India and Africa.

What do you do? Throw custard pies at your colleague, eat a platter of jelly with chopsticks, do a sponsored bush-tucker trial or gobble the greatest number of doughnuts without licking your lips – all MAD ideas in the name of charity.

You may even get the boss dressed as a chicken or bask in a bath of beans. The aim of the fundraising campaign is to encourage people across the rail industry to give their time and raise money for the charity.

Chris Scoggins from National Rail Enquiries is right behind the event. ‘National Rail Enquiries was very proud to be associated with MAD Day. It became a motivational event for staff with everyone rolling their sleeves up. The day had team building benefits too – people working together in new ways to do something outside their normal routine. And we raised a lot of money for a great cause to boot,’ says Chris.

If you like the sound of MAD Day and would like to know more about how to get involved, take a look at the website: www.railwaychildren.org.uk/madday.



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