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Boxing clever at Paddington

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Construction of the new Crossrail station at Paddington is pressing ahead as excavation of the station box gets underway.

The new Crossrail station will be built under Eastbourne Terrace, to the left of the station facing the tracks from the concourse. To enable excavation of the 260m long station box, Westminster City Council has agreed to a full closure of Eastbourne Terrace from 12 February 2012.

This will cut costs, save time and make the site safer for construction workers. Once the box structure and excavation is complete, work will get underway to fit-out the new station.

Says Kay Buxton, Chief Executive, Paddington Waterside Partnership, ‘The Paddington area has changed beyond recognition and is now one of the fastest growing business and residential areas in the capital with significant further investment underway.

‘The new Crossrail station at Paddington will deliver improved and direct transport connections with areas to the west and east of the capital as well as with London’s other major employment centres. Crossrail has worked closely with us ahead of these major works commencing and while there will be an impact locally we are clearly focused on the long-term benefits that will be delivered.’

Cabs that use the parallel departures road will be using a new rank to the north of Paddington station, above platform 12.


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