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Special announcement en route to Euston

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The train from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston had just left Stockport when passenger, Jon Veitch, IEP director at East Coast, received a shock proposal over the tannoy.

Tina Recourt, former Holyhead customer services assistant with Virgin Trains, proposed over the public address system: ‘This is a special announcement for Jon Veitch in Coach G… yes, you Jon!’ Tina said, ‘You keep asking me a question and the answer is this; this is how much I love you..(enough) to do this publicly. Will you marry me?’

Both Jon and Tina had worked at Virgin Trains. On the train that evening Manchester-based Train Manager Tracy Lightfoot made a short introduction saying there would be a special announcement.

The romantic gesture was arranged through On-Board Managers Brett Hobson (Wolverhampton) and Lesley Comber (Manchester Piccadilly) after Tina got in touch with Brett who knew Jon from his days as Head of Fleet for Virgin Trains many years ago.

Passengers held their breaths. Then a few minutes later Tracy was back on the air saying he had accepted. The train erupted with cheers and applause.

Says Tina, ‘The idea came about because Jon has been wanting to get married since we met… but he has said I am not a romantic so I wanted to prove him wrong. It was our two-year anniversary of when we had our first date on (that) Saturday and I had a sneaky feeling he would ask me. So I decided to ask him first! I wasn’t nervous about the answer. We are made to be together.’



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