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Green plan at East Ham

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East Ham depot is recycling 96% of its waste every month making c2c among the greenest train companies in the business.

The recycling process at the depot starts with waste being segregated into specific containers for scrap metal, dry recyclable material, paper and cardboard.

c2c has built its own paper compactor at East Ham to ensure that efficient use is made of the skips.

All waste that does not fall into these categories is segregated as general industrial waste and sent to a recycling depot.

Says Julian Drury c2c’s managing director, ‘Over the last year we have been doing our utmost to ensure as much waste as possible from our depot is recycled. We’ve made great strides in recent months and now around 96% of waste from East Ham is recycled each month. As a company we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.’

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