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Kidman for Railway Man

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Nicole Kidman is to play Colin Firth’s wife in the film, ‘The Railway Man.’

Rachel Weisz was to have played the wife of World War II officer Eric Lomax in the real life drama. However, filming commitments to The Bourne Legacy and Oz: The Great And Powerful, both under production mean, she has been forced to pull out.

The film tells the true story of Eric Lomax, a second lieutenant in the Royal Corp of Signals, who was captured by Japanese forces in World War II and sent to a prison camp in Thailand.

Kidman will play Lomax’s second wife Patti, who helps him to come to terms with the war and the depredations and ill treatment he suffered.

Jeremy Irvine stars as the young Lomax in the war scenes. Jonathan Teplitzky directs.


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