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Priv Travel contact changes

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Retired railway staff wanting to check priv travel facilities can call Rail Staff Travel on 0800 652 1700, a dedicated free phone number.

Based in London, the Rail Staff Travel team is on hand five days a week to answer queries from former rail staff and their families either by phone, e-mail or letter.

The new number 0800 652 1700 is the same number as for active staff. Despite the change in contact details, all travel facilities for retired staff will remain the same and there will be no change to entitlements.

The change will mean that all rail staff travel facilities will be dealt with under one roof. Retired staff should have been sent the new contact details along with their 2012-2013 staff travel card.

Says Angela Nicholson, Head of Rail Staff Travel, ‘Bringing all rail staff travel together means that from the start of April it will be easier for us to give people the high level of service that they have rightly come to expect.

‘Along with a new free phone number for people to call, we’ll have an expanded team based in London ready to deal with any queries people may have about entitlements and travel facilities.

‘The only change we expect people to notice will be the new contact details and maybe a few new names. All retired staff travel entitlements will of course remain unchanged and unaffected.’

The Rail Staff Travel can be contacted on Freephone: 0800 652 1700 or by email: [email protected] or in writing at: Rail Staff Travel, PO Box 70159, London WC1A 9GN.


  1. This is to confirm a recent telephone conversation with yourselves regarding priv card travel. Both myself and my wife are retired and have priv.cards. My wife decided to take our grand-son aged 5 to London a few weeks ago, from Tonbridge, kent, and asked for the special fare for our grand-son and was advised by the person at the booking office that this facility was no longer available, to be fair he did allow her the special fare, !!!! when I telephoned your offiece, I was told that this information was not correct and that I should put my comments in writting to yourselves so that the matter can be taken up with the station concerned.. best regards

  2. I hold a concessionary 1st class pass & in September will be travelling to Penzance after peak times. Does the ruling still stand that I cannot book a seat for my journey? I am 77 years old & not too happy about maybe having to stand! Many thanks for your help


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