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Apprentices reunion

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Railway Works Training School in Swindon in 1962.

The school survived until 1993. Former apprentices headed by John Baker are organising a reunion on 22nd September 2012. Everyone who worked there is welcome. The reunion will be held at the STEAM museum in Swindon.

Almost all Western Region traction and rolling stock apprentices spent their first year at the Railway Works Training School before going into the works proper or out to the regional depots.

First year apprentices from other Swindon engineering firms including Plessey, Kembrey, Garrards, Square D and Old Town Engineering also trained there.

Organisers Colin Finch and John Baker are expecting a big turn out. Already 270 RWT men have said they’re coming along. Sadly the school itself at the end of Dean Street was demolished recently.

However the spirit and comradeship of the men who looked after the railway in the west lives on.

For more details see www.facebook.com/groups/swindonapprentice/ or email [email protected]


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