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Stalybridge speeds up

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Line speeds will be raised through Stalybridge when a major revamp of tracks and signalling is complete.

Control of train movements in the area will transfer to Manchester East signalling centre in Edgeley, Stockport. Says Jo Kaye, Network Rail’s route managing director, ‘The current track layout, particularly the junctions at either end of the station, has remained largely unchanged since the end of the First World War.

‘The new layout will give us greater operational flexibility and will be more reliable. So far as passengers are concerned, that means better train services now, with the prospect of faster and more frequent services in the future.’

The work means that the station will have five platforms in future instead of three, so the existing numbering will be completely changed. The £20m project will enable electrification work to go ahead when the line from Manchester is electrified in 2016.

The new signalling system will be commissioned and brought into use in early November.


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