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Formal proposal for RDG

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The Rail Delivery Group will be given added powers and placed on a more formal footing as the government ramps up plans for closing the gap between train operators and infrastructure providers.

Proposals will be considered under the auspices of the Office of Rail Regulation. Says Tim O’Toole, chairman of the Rail Delivery Group, ‘Placing RDG on a more structured footing will enable it to take on a leadership role in which it will formulate strategies and policies for the whole industry.

‘The government’s command paper expects the Rail Delivery Group to take a leadership role within the rail industry in order to drive efficiency and improve value for money for the passenger, freight customer and taxpayer. Formalising the group will reinforce RDG’s ability to fulfil this role.’

The RDG could become a company limited by guarantee. An obligation will be placed on industry players to join the RDG by the introduction of a licence condition requiring participation in the group. Currently the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) brings industry leaders together on a voluntary basis to provide leadership to the rail industry.

The group was set up in May 2011 after the Rail Value for Money Study, chaired by Sir Roy McNulty.


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