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Display yard set for Railtex debut

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Railtex 2013 will feature a yard for displaying railway plant and equipment.

Following The Yard’s highly successful introduction at the Infrarail exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, organisers have decided to use the concept at Railtex.

Supported by the Rail Plant Association, The Yard enables companies to display previously unexhibitable vehicles and machines.

Says  exhibition manager Heidi Cotsworth, ‘Our decision to add The Yard to the already wide range of features and activities at next year’s event is the result of consultation with our partners and very positive feedback from companies that took advantage of this facility at Infrarail. It was also well received by visitors to the show.’

Railtex 2013 takes place at Earls Court in London from April 30 to May 2 next year.

More about The Yard plus general information on the exhibition can be found at the Railtex website.


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