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BridgeZone backs Rail Engineer of the Year

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Leading difficult-to-access inspection specialist BridgeZone Ltd, is backing the Rail Engineer of the Year at the RailStaff Awards.

“The rail industry is keen to attract, develop and retain railway engineers,” says Tom O’Connor, managing director of the Rail Media Group. “Rail engineers are among the most respected professionals on the railway. It is time we honoured them for the hard work, ingenuity and determination they display on projects and renewals up and down the network day and night,” he added.

BridgeZone Ltd is a civil engineering consultancy, specialising in Difficult Access Inspection of built structures such as bridges, tunnels and operational property large and small, with extensive experience in rope access, diving and confined space operations. Undertaking difficult access inspection, assessment and design in sectors such as Renewable Energy, Coastal and Marine and in the Highway, Petrochemical, Aviation and Rail industries, BridgeZone draws on a wealth of experience, both nationally and – more recently – internationally, for new and existing clients.

As a member of the Association of Diving Contractors, an operating member of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and registered with the HSE to undertake inshore and inland diving operations, BridgeZone provides professionally qualified and experienced civil and structural engineers, trained in wide ranging disciplines such as commercial surface supply diving, difficult access inspection, confined space operations (incorporating full breathing apparatus for hostile conditions) and rope access.

BridgeZone offers an alternative to standard working at height restrictions, allowing access to most sub-surface and confined space environments by which Difficult Access Inspection, survey, investigation and assessment of structures can be carried out.

“We are totally committed to investing in our people and developing our engineering skill base. This is a fundamental part of our strategy to grow the business, make a positive difference to people’s lives and sponsoring ‘The Rail Engineer of the Year’ category is a reflection of that”, said BridgeZone’s Managing Director Paul Marshall.


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