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Smart personnel are the most important element of any company.

In the rail industry, in particular, they represent their firm at every level and are often the face, image and brand of the business. So if employers go to all the trouble of putting time and money into selecting the most desirable candidates, it makes sense to retain them.

Investing in long-term training programmes keeps staff motivated and loyal. Better still it creates a thriving working environment that fosters the highly skilled, market leading, professionals which will take the company right to the top.

Yet in some sectors 43% of employees complain of lacking opportunity for growth. Their potential remains unrealised. Increasing your staff’s skill base and job satisfaction through training makes economic as well as a professional sense. Poor customer service can damage reputation but can be put right through consistent and accessible training.

Says Andy Ridout, Managing Director of advance-Training and Recruitment (Services) Ltd, ‘At advance-TRS our training experts have developed talent retention strategies that maximise employee productivity through boosting morale and decreasing staff turnover. This is an investment which no business can afford to be without.’

Blue chip clients

Training specialist Monique Choudhuri (Pictured), head of staff development at advance-TRS has built up a 25 year portfolio of blue chip clients including British Airways, BSkyB and Fircroft Engineering through training with a touch of humour.

‘The secret to successful training is to capture attention,’ says Monique. ‘I could tell my audience the meaning of life, but if no one is listening it won’t go in. Delivery is the key. Teaching with a touch of wit ensures that my message is heard loud and clear.’

Monique bases her techniques on the idea that the human attention span is often quite short. Training sessions must therefore be broken up into bite sized segments that reflect this.
‘I captivate my students with short group participation exercises, activities and games. This stimulates them and gets their thoughts flowing. The information will then be absorbed by their long term memory,’ says Monique. ‘I work on the ‘remember and apply’ model. Everything I teach will be remembered and applied practically in the workplace,’ she adds.

Advance-Training and Recruitment Services offers staff training at all levels, to clients throughout the railway industry, with the aim of finding you the right personnel and making sure you keep them.

To book a free consultation with Monique or for further information on how we can help develop your business please contact advance- TRS on 01483 361 061 or email [email protected]


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