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Bond Street back drop for Skyfall

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Nothing identifies a London scene like an Underground station and the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, makes full use of the capital’s 150 year old rail network.

Says Kate Reston, Head of London Underground Film Office, ‘Skyfall was one of the biggest productions that I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in. Though filming took place over the course of several weeks, months of preparation work with the production team preceded it, a culmination of nearly a year’s work.’

In one of the biggest film productions ever to be filmed on the London Underground over 450 cast and crew filmed scenes for the spy thriller on disused platforms at Charing Cross earlier this year. A London bus also makes an appearance, filmed driving down Whitehall.

The Underground has been an integral location for film making in London for over eighty years from Hitchcock’s first talking film, Blackmail, through to Skyfall. ‘Nothing identifies a location as being in London quicker than the inclusion of an Underground station or train.

‘It’s a unique and instantly recognisable backdrop and is recognised around the world and instantly the viewer knows that it’s in London,’ says Kate Reston.

Over recent years the disused platforms at Charing Cross and Aldwych stations have proved popular with directors who can film without compromising passenger safety. All revenue generated from filming on the London Underground is reinvested back into the transport network.


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