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Robo-flock scares pigeons

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Robotic falcons are being deployed at Edinburgh Waverley to scare away pigeons from the new 34,000 square metre glass roof.

Network Rail Scotland has ordered two of the solar powered replica Peregrine Falcons. The units, which cost around £3,450, are painted with authentic markings and are programmed to move heads and wings and squawk loudly, emitting genuine Peregrine Falcon calls, at regular intervals.

Startled commuters were reassured to learn the Robo-Birds have been positioned on the station roof at North Bridge. The birds are made by Scottish companies Robop and NPI Solutions. Cleaning bills for such a huge acreage of glass can be prohibitive and this solution saves time and money. The birds are already in use at other sites in Scotland and in London and New York.

‘Birds can cause a great deal of mess that can be expensive to clear and Robop is an example of a smart prevention measure that is also cost effective,’ says Kevin Priestley, of Irvine-based NPI Solutions.


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