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Alliance to reopen Waterloo International

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International platforms at Waterloo – vacated by Eurostar five years ago – should be back in use next April thanks to moves by the Network Rail and South West Trains Alliance.

On the anniversary of the alliance‘s first year in action a special train from Woking pulled into platform 20. Says Tim Shoveller, managing director of the Alliance, ‘The alliance is an industry first, which was created to deliver a better railway for passengers using ways of working which have not previously been possible.

Bringing the Waterloo International Terminal into permanent use is an example of what it can help to achieve. It has been made possible by working with many organisations, including the Department for Transport, and is vital for the much-needed development of the railway across the south and south west of England. It has been talked about for many years and we have shown it is possible and remain committed to bringing platform 20 into permanent use by April 2014 at the latest.’

Since the alliance was created in April 2012, passenger satisfaction has increased from 83% to 85% and the efficiency of track maintenance work has increased by 25%. The timetable has been amended to allow better access to the tracks for maintenance work and an emergency intervention unit has been introduced which allows faster response times to incidents which can cause delays to passengers.

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  1. Oh yes, quite an a achievement that. Opening one platform of a ready built train station for passenger use and all in a record time of………….WHAT, 5 YEARS YOU SAY? It has taken longer to get one platform working, than it took back in 1993 to build the place.


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