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A new group, ‘Women in Rail’ has been launched to encourage women in the industry.

With women representing approximately 17.8% of today’s rail industry, the group works to support and encourage the minority in a sector which is historically male-dominated.

Says Adeline Ginn, founder of Women in Rail, ‘We are passionate about rail and are now engaging with supporters of the sector to promote rail as an attractive career choice and develop strategies for engaging young people to consider a career in rail.’

Women in the industry are backing the scheme. Says Caroline Wilson, Head of Recruitment at Northern Rail, ‘The Women in Rail initiative has grown tremendously since its early beginnings on LinkedIn.

‘The amount of support received from across the rail industry demonstrates how important it is that women are encouraged to participate in a traditionally male orientated industry. From my own experience, innovation comes hand-in-hand with diversity. Northern Rail is delighted to support Women in Rail.’

Adeline Ginn, a lawyer, joined Angel Trains in 1999. Married with two children she relaxes by running and rambling and is an avid opera fan.


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