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London clay, thought to be 50 million years old, is being dug out of new Crossrail rail tunnels and shaped into sculpture.

Frank Harris, a sculptor, has created a work called the Bird’s Nest. The unveiling of the unique artwork comes as Crossrail launches its Artist in Residence programme. Crossrail wants artists to submit proposals and says it has several Artist in Residence opportunities available.

Says Crossrail Chairman Terry Morgan, ‘Crossrail is seeking to inspire and facilitate innovation and creativity in order to leave a lasting legacy beyond the construction of new tunnels and stations.

‘Our Artist in Residence programme will provide the opportunity for artists to gain unique access to a complex and dynamic construction project that will transform how Londoners travel.

‘Frank Harris’ Bird’s Nest is a stunning example of what can be achieved by bringing artists and construction workers together. Together with the Culture Line that will see eight large scale artworks funded by sponsors installed into the fabric of our new iconic London stations, Crossrail will leave a lasting artistic legacy beyond the construction of a new rail line.’

A final year art student at UCL’s Slade School of Modern Art, Frank Harris specialises in large, functional sculptural installations that connect with their surroundings.


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