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Rail Alliance supports RailStaff Awards

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The Rail Alliance is delighted to be backing the RailStaff Awards again as Associate Sponsors this year.

Chief Executive, Colin Flack will also be hosting the evening again and bringing a light hearted sense of order to the proceedings. The Rail Alliance joins Network Rail and London Underground as high profile supporters of the RailStaff Awards 2013.

Says Colin, ‘We at the Rail Alliance are delighted to be playing a part at the RailStaff Awards again this year. It’s a great celebration of all that is encouraging and progressive in the rail industry. Just as importantly it underlines our aim to: network, collaborate, innovate and thrive.’

Says Tom O’Connor of the Rail Media Group, ‘We are delighted to have the Rail Alliance supporting the RailStaff Awards. Having Colin Flack as compère is an added bonus. People are often quite shocked to have won an award and are unused to stepping into the spotlight. Colin is a down to earth reassuring presence up there on the stage.’

The Rail Alliance is an integral and important part of the rapidly growing new rail industry. Railways need better communications and better networking as all participants come together to expand the industry.

The Rail Alliance spans all aspects of the Rail Sector to enable companies and individuals to Network, Collaborate, and Innovate with both suppliers and customers, to assist your business to thrive.

‘Our aim is to provide timely advice, tailored assistance and, most importantly, to identify and pass on business development opportunities at home and abroad to those in the rail sector,’ says Colin.

The Rail Alliance is able to do this through its extensive range of contacts and its well respected programme of networking events, rail-focused seminars, its knowledge transfer partnerships with academe and its knowledge of business support provision available from the public and private sectors.

In fact, the Rail Alliance has something for everyone in the rail sector … whether you are a sole trader, a family business, a ‘classic’ small business (Small to

Medium Enterprise (SME)), or a multinational/global business (Large Enterprise) looking for a new and refreshing way to communicate to, and work with, the rail sector.

First and foremost, the Rail Alliance is here to help you understand the Rail Industry. It will provide you with impartial information and advice whilst signposting the wide range of assistance that is available.


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