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Siemens is to build a new fleet of Desiro City trains for Thameslink which reduces overall energy consumption and track wear by up to 50% compared to predecessor models.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin confirmed the £1.6 billion order for 1140 commuter carriages. Eversholt Rail is providing project and asset management services.

Desiro City trains are up to 25 percent lighter than the existing Desiro fleet, thanks mainly to the use of lightweight aluminum in construction. Bogies are approximately one-third lighter in weight. The Desiro City is based on the Single Car Concept, which integrates the entire traction equipment into one motor car.

All of these motor cars are identically equipped and can be used both as end cars and as intermediate cars. The Desiro City Thameslink can be coupled to form 8 and 12-car trains and operated in dual mode (750 V DC or 25 kV AC). They are built for a top speed of 100 mph.

Siemens built two new rolling stock depots in Three Bridges and Hornsey. The trains will be manufactured at the Siemens factory in Krefeld, Germany, and the first trains will enter service in 2016.


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