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Tram boost for local economy

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Expanding Nottingham’s tram system is already benefitting the local economy creating jobs and opportunities for local businesses.

Using local firms and skilled people from across the East Midlands is one of the scheme’s core commitments.

Says Phil Hewitt, Chief Executive of Tramlink Nottingham, ‘We made a strong commitment to work with local companies wherever possible and I’m delighted our construction partner, the Taylor Woodrow Alstom Joint Venture (TWA), has been able to deliver these positive results so far.

‘It reflects a real willingness to work with the local community on all levels. We’re creating a tram network for the future of Nottingham and we want the local economy to benefit as far as possible whilst we’re building it.

‘The project to expand Nottingham’s tram network has passed a major milestone with over £70 million worth of contracts placed with businesses in the East Midlands region. The three-year design and build project, which is extending the network by 17.5 kilometres to Chilwell and Clifton, is now well underway.

City councillor, Jane Urquhart, who runs transport planning at Nottingham City Council, said, ‘The news that local businesses are benefiting from millions of pounds worth of contracts on the tram extension is not only a tremendous boost for Nottingham businesses but for the wider economic health of the whole region. It is particularly pleasing that this news swiftly follows the recent announcement that the NET contractor is employing nearly 1,000 (staff) 35% of whom come from the city.’


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