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Railways boost job market

The continuing growth in rail travel has resulted in the creation of 10,000 extra jobs, according to figures released by ATOC.

Train companies are now employing more than 10,000 extra staff compared to 15 years ago. In 2011-12, train operators employed 50,100 people, a 25% increase on the 39,700 staff working for them 15 years earlier. Productivity is up, too. Hard working rail staff are running 20% more services a day and carrying 73% more passengers.

Productivity measured by staff to passengers ratio has increased by 37%, while satisfaction with services has also increased. Train companies have been hiring more train crew and station attendants, as well as drivers and conductors to staff the 4,000 extra services running each day now, compared to 15 years ago.

First ScotRail boosted staff numbers from 3,461 to 4,700, an increase of more than 35% since 2004. At the same time, journeys have increased by 30%. Since 1997, Chiltern Railways has more than trebled the number of train guards it employs. It had just 18 in 1997 compared to 62 in 2013. Services it operates have increased by 59% and passenger numbers by 133%.

Trenau Arriva Cymru has increased its staff from around 1,800 in 2003 to 2,100 today, a 17% increase. Services are up by 20%. The figures provide more evidence of an industry expanding and in urgent need of more capacity, more investment and best of all more people.


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