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Christopher Jenner takes up the newly created role of Creative Director at Eurostar. The job will emphasise the importance of creative design in new and existing projects across Eurostar’s business.

Jenner’s arrival coincides with Eurostar’s planned investment of £700 million in a new fleet.

The appointment recognises the important role physical design plays in delivering top quality transport. Says Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar, ‘The success of our business rests on the strength of our product and we have a long history of breaking the mould to bring our customers the very best travel experience.

‘All aspects of the Eurostar physical environment work together to bring our brand to life and our travellers demand and deserve the very best. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline which will continue this tradition of innovation and excellence.’

In his work Christopher Jenner combines both heritage and tradition with a sense of the contemporary. Born in South Africa, he graduated from Cape Town and lived in Paris, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong before settling in London. Jenner was awarded ‘British Breakthrough Talent’ for 2012 by FX magazine.


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