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Attaining competency – a two-way process

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The recent introduction of New Sentinel has identified the myriad of competences and combination of competences that can now be held by rail workers.

Coupled with the knowledge and experience which must be acquired to attain these competences, there is often quite a complicated process for retention of competences. Maintaining a working knowledge of all these requirements is one of the key responsibilities of the railway trainer.

Sharing best practice

Trainers have realised that there is a lot to be gained by sharing best practice with other trainers, from which the Association of Railway Training Providers was born.

The association was created during a previous period of significant change and has continued to provide a forum and support to trainers, not only in Track Safety, but also the technical competences which we are all required to maintain.

New processes and material

The communication is two way – Network Rail benefits through working with ARTP members to identify the issues faced by front line staff through a channel of communication from the training room to the decision making people within Network Rail.

ARTP members gain from the information provided by Network Rail during the development of new processes and material and are able to contribute to ensure any product is fit for purpose.

Although the ARTP was initially developed primarily to cover Track Safety, the association now caters for all forms of technical training with Special Interest Groups on Plant and Electrification and groups to cover Permanent Way and ERTMS in early stages of formation.

Additional members are always welcome so if you are interested please contact us via the website below.

Shared knowledge

One of the benefits of membership has been evident during the introduction of New Sentinel with ARTP members liaising with each other and providing information on how to resolve issues from the transition from NCCA records.

This shared knowledge was then used to help sponsors who were also having problems with the new system – assistance which removed the need to phone the helpline.

The sharing of knowledge can also be seen via the ARTP website which includes safety information and technical updates which trainers can utilise whilst delivering training to ensure that the latest information is being shared with delegates.

If you would like any further information about the role of ARTP or if you are interested in becoming a member then please visit our website at www.artp.co.uk


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