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Changing places

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Houghton International has teamed up with South West Trains to create an apprentice exchange programme.

SWT apprentices visit Houghton International’s facilities in Newcastle upon Tyne. In return Houghton International apprentices travel down to SWT’s depot in Bournemouth. On a recent visit they were able to inspect traction motors in situ and obtain an understanding of the issues and challenges faced by a train operator.

Says Rob Hulson, Apprentice and Competency Manager at South West Trains, ‘If only everyone were as keen and professional in their approach to apprenticeships as those from Houghton International that came to us. They were impeccably behaved, polite, friendly and above all interested.

‘One of the highlights was whilst inspecting some traction motors in situ one of the Houghton International apprentices realised it was one that he had previously worked on. It’s great to see two fantastic companies working together in this way and I hope it is the start of a long and beneficial relationship for South West Trains and Houghton International but also for the apprentices, as these individuals are our future.’


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