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The bear that roared

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Staff at Bombardier’s Derby plant celebrated the production of the 1,000th Sub-Surface line carriage for London Underground.

On a family trip to London from York, Phoebe Simpson accidentally left the bear, called Roar, behind at King’s Cross. A few hours later Lauren Bishop Vranch, a London-based marketing director, found Roar on a northbound service. Miss Vranch kindly  10consoled Roar as the train sped north to Newcastle.

A Philosophy graduate, Vranch noticed the bear had clearly been the object of sustained affection – the coat was old and well worn. Kind-hearted Lauren later posted messages on Twitter about her discovery asking for help to trace the owner.

Phoebe’s father, Ben, spotted the tweet and got in touch. Meanwhile Roar enjoyed an impromptu weekend in Newcastle where he visited the panto and a pub. Roar and Phoebe have now been reunited.


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