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Contract extension for telent

Telent Technology Services Ltd has been awarded an extension to its rail telecoms support and maintenance contract with Level 3, formally known as Global Crossing UK Ltd.

Telent has been working with Level 3 since March 2009 and has now been granted a multi-million pound five year extension to the original contract, ensuring continuity until March 2019.

Level 3’s sophisticated fibre optic operation and associated railway infrastructure is vital to the rail industry and is used operationally by Network Rail and the vast majority of train operators. The fibre optic network alone spans some 14,000 km. Success is down to the hard work of staff at telent.

Says Steve Pears, Managing Director, telent Rail, ‘I am delighted that Level 3 have agreed to extend their UK on-rail support contract for a further 5 years. This is testament to the hard work, experience and skills of the telent teams in successfully delivering this vital service to Level 3 and indeed all the rail stakeholders whose businesses rely on these services.’


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