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Gain a job with the McGinley Rail Apprenticeship Placement Scheme

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McGinley Support Services has established the Rail Apprentice Placement Scheme (RAPS) to help apprentices develop successful careers after their placement has finished.

In the current economic climate there is increased pressure on the employment sector, with competition for jobs at an all-time high. Today, it is widely accepted that one of the best ways to get gainful employment is through work experience and placement schemes where training and experience are offered in a candidate’s chosen sector, providing the relevant skills needed to stand out from the crowd.

While this is a great place to start, all too often candidates can still be looking for work after their placement has finished, which is why McGinley Support Services have established the Rail Apprentice Placement Scheme (RAPS).

A placement revolution

McGinley provides its apprentices with real work opportunities, connecting talented young candidates with the rail sector. Unlike other experience and apprenticeship schemes, RAPS seeks to provide solid work opportunities upon completion of the placement, benefitting both apprentices and the rail industry as a whole.

Working with existing rail training providers who share their high standards, McGinley places suitable apprentices on superior rail training programmes, with successful candidates then considered for sustainable job opportunities. Each apprentice will benefit from having their very own personal mentor under the Placement Scheme, who will provide the relevant training and advice that will help the candidates succeed in both their apprenticeship and then upon entering the rail sector.

Trust McGinley

As one of the largest suppliers of contingent labour to Network Rail, McGinley is the recruitment service to trust when it comes to choosing an apprenticeship that will offer continued placements upon completion. For McGinley, RAPS not only provides valuable opportunities for young people looking to gain access to the sector but also acts in the interests of the rail industry through the matching of skilled apprentices with the appropriate vacancies.

Working with experienced training providers and offering their own recruitment expertise, McGinley looks to complete the apprenticeship circle by connecting great candidates with great job opportunities.

The rail industry is a continually developing sector and an exciting place to be; with thousands of diverse opportunities, McGinley can help candidates kick start their careers with this all-new scheme that can complete their training and ensure that candidates find the jobs they are trained to do.

Are you looking for a placement where there’s a real chance of employment at the end? Contact McGinley Support Services today.


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