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McGinley backs Infrastructure Team

McGinley Support Services is once again sponsoring the Infrastructure Team of the Year at this year’s RailStaff Awards.

McGinley Support Services is a Link- Up accredited supplier of personnel and support services to the national railway and various urban metro rail networks. McGinley Support Services provides a rail and metro staffing and track operative service through its national rail and metro organisation.

Dermot McGinley Managing Director of McGinley Support Services Limited, says, ‘The RailStaff Awards 2014 will be a great celebration of the ordinary men and women who continue to make the rail industry a leading industrial success. Infrastructure personnel are key to that success. At McGinley Support Services we continue to rise to the challenge of providing the railway with the people and solutions it needs to move, grow and succeed.’ Dermot, a keen supporter of the RailStaff Awards, added, ‘The RailStaff Awards is an exercise in confidence, in the future of the industry and the people who make it up.’

McGinley Support Services prides itself on being a leading innovator in the industry in terms of service and transparent financial arrangements.

As one of the top specialist rail recruitment suppliers McGinley Support Services has pioneered new initiatives that embrace safety systems and workforce management, upholding a strong safety and quality culture that is necessary to support the rail and metro industry in meeting its own objectives.

Internal processes and systems ensure that, through co-ordinated planning, a flexible, motivated and compliant workforce is available to meet all needs. From highly skilled systems engineers, signalling and electrification staff through to protection / warning and track workers McGinley Support Services delivers comprehensive recruitment backed up by a national transport and equipment support service.

Says Tom O’Connor, Managing Director of the Rail Media Group, ‘McGinley Support Services have been steadfast supporters of the RailStaff Awards. McGinley is an inspiring success story and an integral part of rail’s important infrastructure industry. McGinley continues to provide high performing teams and individuals and it is highly appropriate to welcome them once again as backers of the popular Infrastructure Team of the Year Award.’


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