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Telent backs Graduate of the Year

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Top communications technology company telent is backing the Graduate of the Year award at the RailStaff Awards 2015.

With strong industry-wide momentum to recruit young people from colleges and universities, this award has become increasingly popular with employers, graduates and railway staff alike.

Every time we pick up a phone, crew or drive a train, chances are we are using communications infrastructure and technology supplied or maintained by telent. The company can trace its origins right back to the Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company, created by Guglielmo Marconi – the man credited with laying the basis for all future radio technology.

In railways, telent has long been driving forward new telecommunications technologies working with Transport for London (TfL), Network Rail, leading train operators and infrastructure companies.

The Digital Railway

Says managing director Steve Pears, ‘The digital railway is here now and we are taking this ambition from aspiration to reality.

‘Like telecommunications, the rail industry has a growing appetite for motivated graduates intent on building a career in railways. We are determined to encourage and support young people applying their education and ingenuity to the challenges that lie ahead.’

Currently, telent is pioneering two new technologies vital to the development of the digital railway. Their new PRAESUM traction power SCADA system is being adopted by Network Rail. The new control system allows Network Rail greater flexibility of control and integration.

Next generation of graduates

MICA, the Management Integration and Control of Assets system (their station management platform), uses interchangeable drivers with standard interfaces to manage new assets, legacy systems and other building applications. Over 100 London Underground and national rail stations use MICA.

Says Paul Curtis, business development manager, Rail Media, ‘Technologies that will be in use by the digital railway of the future are being rolled out by telent today. Better still telent is actively recruiting the next generation of graduates who will help drive this forward.

‘Every year, telent takes on graduates and it is a very flat, dynamic, company in terms of management levels so people can rise very quickly. This year’s graduates will be given responsibility and soon be managing projects whilst receiving continuing support and development. We welcome telent to the RailStaff Awards. It is hugely appropriate that telent is backing the Graduate of the Year award.’

From the north of Scotland to the London Underground, High Speed 1 and Network Rail’s 2,500 mast GSM-R system, telent is involved at every level of the technological rail revolution sweeping Europe’s fasted-growing railway.


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