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NCB backs Project Manager of the Year

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Network Certification Body, NCB, is sponsoring the Project Manager of the Year award at the RailStaff Awards 2015.

Since it was established three years go, NCB has gone from strength to strength to become a valued part of the new rail industry.

NCB is increasingly recognised and sought out by rail companies relieved to be dealing with the industry’s own rail conformity and assessment service. NCB has a solid railway background and understands the complex world of rail legislation. This unrivalled knowledge and expertise can be brought in to help all rail-based projects.

Advice and solutions are effective, efficient and customer-focused covering three main sectors – rail vehicle and plant, rail infrastructure and rail freight.

Says Rail Media’s managing director, Tom O’Connor, ‘We are delighted to welcome NCB to the RailStaff Awards 2015.

‘With new projects dominating the busy railway landscape, an organisation which uses rail industry experts to provide full-service certification is a great boost for the railway. Project managers are a confident and hard working cadre, these men and women are the can-do pioneers that guide the Orange Army.’

NCB has full accreditation as a Notified Body (NoBo), Designated Body (DeBo) and an Assessment Body (AB) authorised to assess rail safety and conformity to all British and European technical standards and legislation.

Railway safety and legislative compliance is of concern to everyone in the industry. NCB was created to be a new type of player in the conformance certification market. NCB is not driven by profit but by commitment to safety and excellence. NCB is adding long- lasting value and high standards to the rail industry by:

• Employing exceptional engineers – experts in their field
• Providing a full-service certification – which is efficient and safe
• Encouraging new innovative companies to enter the rail sector
• Influencing rail regulators, policy makers and stakeholders to improve safety and standards.

Says Jo Nelson at NCB, ‘Many of the project managers we partner reflect our four core values of honesty, dedication, service and courage.

‘We believe they deserve greater recognition for what they do. All of us at NCB wish Project Manager of the Year nominees every success both at the RailStaff Awards this year and in their continuing careers. Their contribution is of inestimable value to colleagues and the wider public.’


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