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Furrer+Frey backs Depot Team of the Year

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Furrer+Frey, Europe’s top specialist railway electrification company, is sponsoring this year’s Depot Team of the Year at the RailStaff Awards 2015.

For over 90 years, Furrer+Frey
has been creating iconic overhead contact line solutions, setting industry standards and seeking to reduce railway infrastructure costs, as well as improve safety and reliability through innovation.

Furrer+Frey’s innovative moveable overhead conductor rail system for railway workshops and depots ensure safe maintenance work on rail vehicles and enables free access to the train roof. The revolutionary system has been supplied and is operational in over 65 depots worldwide.

Depot Team of the Year emphasises the strength the rail industry draws from its collegiate system of T&RS depots, booking-on points and train crew depots and similar concentrations of staff who build, maintain and crew the railways.

‘Team work is important and so often much of what depot staff do goes on overnight far away from the public gaze,’ says Rail Media’s Tom O’Connor. ‘Teams of people committed to each other and the wider industry work hard and ingenuously – they deserve greater recognition and respect. We are very grateful to Furrer+Frey for backing this important award.’

With more OHLE work planned, Furrer+Frey’s expertise is already appreciated by electrification depots across Britain and the rest of the world. The system is durable, economic and construction-staff friendly.

‘We electrified our first depot over 80 years ago, and it’s great to be involved in the Depot Team of the Year’ says Furrer+Frey’s Noel Dolphin.

‘We wish Furrer+Frey every success as they support the UK’s drive to electrify more of the national network, making Britain’s railways faster, cleaner and more reliable,’ adds Tom.


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