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Westermo supports Signalling and Telecommunications Engineer of the Year

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Westermo Data Communications is sponsoring the Signalling and Telecommunications Engineer of the Year Award at the RailStaff Awards 2015.

The award aims to highlight pioneering work developed by the rail industry’s signalling and telecommunications specialists as new projects and renewals crowd the rail industry’s expansionist agenda.

Says Phil Mounter, UK rail sales manager, Westermo, ‘The growing signalling and telecommunications sector is sometimes overlooked but it makes a huge contribution to the new rail industry.

‘All projects – electrification, new railways, light rail systems, flyovers and tunnels – need new, cost effective, safe and robust signalling systems.’

In an industry where timing is crucial and every second counts, top performing signalling installation engineers are an integral element of rail engineering dynamics.

‘Signalling and telecommunications engineers are out there whatever the weather and wherever the project takes them. They work with quiet professionalism and concision to get the job done – often within the parameters of a tightly timed possession or total blockade.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance are all integral elements of their skill set,’ says Phil. ‘We want to recognise these men and women and this award is a big thank you to all our customers, suppliers and staff.’

Says Tom O’Connor, managing director of Rail Media, ‘Westermo is at the heart of developing new technologies that underpin the signalling and telecommunications sections of the industry. Phil’s quite right, we don‘t hear enough about S&T engineers. This award will go some way to redressing that. No train moves without S&T professionals in the background and their role is of deep significance. I’d like to thank Phil and beyond him all S&T engineers for their hard work – we wish you well at the RailStaff Awards 2015.’

The RailStaff Awards is an industry-wide exercise in getting together and uniting the industry.

Says Phil, ‘Getting together is important. Part of our approach is to communicate direct with signalling and telecommunications designers, installers, maintenance technicians, engineers and managers. We believe we are all in the communications business. For us talking, discussing and refining what we do is essential and gives us the edge. Top S&T engineers choose Westermo when building mission critical communications networks.’

Westermo products are built using high quality, military-grade, components with low power consumption and data integrity in mind. Westermo offers some of the most reliable, secure and energy efficient products on the industrial market today.

Founded in 1975 in Sweden, Westermo now has a global reach. In Britain Westermo has been supplying Ethernet and serial industrial communications devices to the rail industry for many years. New ideas, top quality equipment and listening to the concerns of the engineers themselves has placed Westermo among the market leaders in signalling and telecommunications.

For more information about Westermo see: www.westermo.co.uk


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