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Cordant Takes Driver’s Seat

Family-owned Cordant Services is supporting this year’s Train Driver of the Year Award.

The award symbolises the RailStaff Awards and is often the first category mentioned by supporters of the industry.

Cordant has a comprehensive 15-year experience of providing a wide range of cleaning services to public transport – everything from office cleaning to train cleaning – including that all important driver’s cab.

Says Tom O’Connor, managing director, Rail Media, ‘This is always the award people refer to – what do you mean, train driver of the year? – when they talk about the ideas and imperatives behind the RailStaff Awards.

‘We are very grateful to Cordant Services for taking up this award. Their commitment to integrity, partnership and professionalism reflects the understated values of so many drivers.

‘It’s a lonely job and the drivers do not get enough recognition for what they do. The RailStaff Awards is here to put that right. Many thanks to Cordant – even as we speak their staff are busy driving up cleanliness and quality in the rail industry.’

With a policy of openness and honesty, Cordant clients can be assured of staff integrity. Teams have knowledge, expertise and a steely determination to provide superior levels of service delivery.

Cordant Cleaning has expanded its involvement with transport working with rail companies and leading bus and coach operations.

Staff are fully trained and qualified to work within transport environments and are subject to regular documented on-the-job checks and refresher training in health and safety and customer service. All staff receive high levels of support from a dedicated management team specialising in the transport industry.


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