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Apart from orange, there’s not a lot of colour on the railway – and there’s lots of orange. Safety boots are even more of a drab affair. Take your choice of charcoal, granite or midnight sky.

But now Steel Blue, a safety footwear company based in Western Australia, has produced something which has rarely, if ever, been seen on a rail worksite in the UK before – a pair of pink steel toe cap boots.

Steel Blue claims that the boots have anti-static properties, conducting the static electricity that builds up around the body to the ground. A valuable property for anyone working alongside flammable materials or sensitive electronic devices.

The Southern Cross Ladies range, which also come in purple, has been designed for women as an alternative to the black and brown safety boots which are commonplace on the railway. It’s another example of workwear being designed to suit the specific needs and challenges faced by female workers.

Ill-fitting safety clothing is another barrier that the industry is looking to remove to address the gender imbalance that currently exists, and manufacturers are beginning to design specifically for women.

The colour also serves a serious purpose. For every pair sold, Steel Blue will donate €8 to breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Care WA. The company is also now selling a blue pair to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and beyondblue, a not-for-profit organisation which looks to raise awareness and support those with mental health issues.

For more information visit: www.railppe.com

Southern Cross Ladies – Sizes 3-9, Meet European Standard EN ISO20345

  • The boots are lined with Baltico®, a wicking material designed to move sweat away from the foot.
  • The nitrile rubber outer sole is oil and acid resistant, and can withstand heat up to 300oC.
  • The steel toe caps can withstand a 200-joule impact.
  • Scalloped collar design.