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Government to spend £5m on improving railway station cycle facilities

The Government has announced £5 million will be spent on improving cycle facilities at railway stations as part of a wider £1.2 billion plan to encourage the public to walk and cycle.

It does not specify at this point which stations will be targeted and exactly what the money will be spent on.

The plan is part of a Government drive to make cycling and walking the norm for short journeys by 2040.

By 2025, it aims to double the amount of people cycling, reduce the number of cycling accidents and increase the proportion of five to 10 year-olds walking to school to 55 per cent.

‘We are making cycling and walking more accessible to everyone because of the substantial health and environmental benefits – it will also be a boost for businesses because a fitter and healthier workforce is more productive,’ says Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

‘We have already tripled spending on cycling since 2010 and we are now publishing a long-term investment plan because we are absolutely committed to increasing levels of cycling and walking.’

Under the Infrastructure Act 2015 , the government is required to set a cycling and walking investment strategy for England.