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RSSB recommendation could save industry £2.5m a year

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Savings of up to £2.5 million a year could be achieved if new RSSB recommendations are followed, according to the standards board.

The report recommends that owners of rolling stock should ensure that trains travelling less than 250km/h use couplers that are compatible with the Scharfenberg Type 12 and the compatible Voith 136.

If trains’ use compatible couplers it will increase the chance of another locomotive being able to haul it away – the best method of moving a broken down train – reducing disruption in the process.

According to the RSSB, currently there is only a 50 per cent chance of the nearest locomotive to a broken down train having a compatible coupler.

This figure drops to 20 per cent in certain parts of the country.

By enabling broken down trains to be moved quickly by the nearest service, regardless of the operator, it allows the railway to continue providing its services to passengers and freight. As well as reducing costs, this will also improve the network’s capacity and customer experience.