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DB Cargo launches trial service for world’s largest steelmaker

DB Cargo UK has launched a trial service with steel giant ArcelorMittal.

On September 29, the freight operator moved 1,300 tonnes of steel coil by 20 loaded BYA-type wagons from the Port of Boston to Wolverhampton.

DB Cargo is providing a full port to end user service for ArcelorMittal, with the final miles of the delivery completed by road to manufacturers in the West Midlands.

At the end of the trial it is anticipated that the service will run weekly.

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Head of logistics sales Roger Neary said that once its Wolverhampton Logistics Centre is open in July 2018, DB Cargo plans to increase this service from one train to at least three a week.

The current facility at Wolverhampton has the capability of storing and handling 1,380 steel coils. The new centre will increase this by 1,944 coils, giving a total capacity of 3,325 coils, which equates to 40,000 tonnes of steel.

Neary added, ‘Such services support the British manufacturing industry by delivering steel to companies across the West Midlands that produce products such as white goods, heaters and cars.

‘Using rail also significantly reduces congestion on the roads, as each train can carry as much material as around 76 HGVs.’