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DfT to fund introduction of non-rail innovations into industry

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The Department for Transport (DfT) has launched ‘The First of a Kind’ (FOAK) competition to fund the transfer of existing innovations that are in use outside of rail – and which could benefit passengers – into the industry.

For example, the innovation could relate to creating more space in carriages or providing improved assistance to passengers with a diverse range of needs.

Run by the public body Innovate UK, the scheme is part of the DfT’s Accelerating Innovation in Rail programme and could see ideas to transform rail travel benefit from a £3.5 million government fund.

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The first FOAK competition will focus on rolling stock.

Rail Supply Group chairman Gordon Wakeford said, ‘The rail supply sector is continually seeking to improve the passenger experience by developer new and better products and solutions.

‘This competition will provide a stimulus for the many innovative companies in our sector to develop new and ground-breaking ways to enhance rail journeys.

‘I am confident that the rail industry will rise to this challenge with commitment and creativity.’

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