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Award of a lifetime

SPX FLOW’s Scott Harrison said he was ‘speechless’ after winning this year’s Lifetime Achievement award – here’s betting many of his colleagues and peers will feel, if anything, it is overdue.

Scott began his career in rail with Amey Seco in the 1990s and has spent stints with Torrent Trackside and Network Rail. He joined SPX FLOW in 2015 and is now the company’s commercial director for hydraulic technologies and global rail systems.

Throughout his career, Scott has played a significant role in shaping the future of the industry. One example was his input into the development of the COSS role.

‘Not bad for a Donny lad,’ as his wife Polly pointed out in his nomination.

Complete shock

When he started all those years ago, Scott had only planned to work within the industry for six months. More than 20 years later, he says it was those around him that made his mind up to stay.

‘I’m so overwhelmed to be honoured in this way; it was a complete shock but I am hugely grateful,’ said Scott.

‘During my career in the rail industry, I have been really lucky to have worked with some outstanding individuals and wonderful teams, without whom I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I have had. This award should honour those people’s contribution as much as mine, without them I would still be fresh off the starting blocks.

‘Thanks to everyone who has been involved, and the wonderful team at Rail Media for another great night’s awards. The 1980’s theme really took me back to the start of my career – but don’t tell anyone!’

Shaping the world

The Lifetime Achievement category was sponsored by Costain. In a supporting statement, the company said, ‘Costain is delighted to be supporting the Lifetime Achievement Award.

‘We have been shaping the world in which we live for the past 150 years by providing innovative engineering solutions to improve people’s lives.

‘As a key delivery partner in the rail sector, we offer a broad range of integrated consultancy, asset optimisation, technology and complex delivery services. Everything we do focuses on driving increases to our clients’ operational capacity, efficiency, and customer service.’

Highly commended: Stephen Freeman, Stanway Consulting, and Karl Watts, Rail Operations Group.


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