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Driving dedication

Northern train driver Colin Newton was a little bemused when he came off stage after winning the Train Driver of the Year award.

‘It’s a bit weird getting nominated just for doing your job,’ said Colin.

In February this year, Colin, who has been driving for Northern for three years, performed CPR on a passenger who was having a heart attack on his train.

After stopping the train, Colin informed the signaller of the situation and called for an ambulance before attending to the passenger.

Colin, who is based in Leeds, stayed with the passenger until paramedics arrived, but despite his best efforts, the passenger passed away.

True professionalism

Colin said he believes he only did what anyone would have done in the situation. His colleagues, however, disagree.

His nomination read, ‘During the short time that Colin has been with us he has demonstrated true professionalism and dedication to his role of train driver again and again by consistently delivering excellent customer service and going what is well and truly above his role.’

Adding, ‘Thoughout this highly pressurised situation Colin remained calm and professional at all times.

He showed true compassion and heroism in a selfless act to save another.’

‘We get paid to do a job and I did my job, and that’s it,’ he added. ‘This is just an added bonus.”

Highly valued

Mark Goodall, general manager, West Midlands, for category sponsor London Midland, said, ‘He’s so unassuming. As you heard him say, in his opinion, he’s just doing his job. He’s obviously doing it to an incredibly high degree and it is good to actually say to these people well done, thank you, you’re highly valued.’

Highly commended: David O’Connor, Southeastern, and Chris Compton, Greater Anglia.


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